About Us

VectorFree was started by a fortunate group of microbiologists and electronic engineers in Southern California in 2018. Together, we turned our individual skills and experiences into a fitting combo: household sterilization devices. 

We started off with the idea: portable sterilization

After testing and trying various technologies, we landed on an idea staring right at us all the time: UV-C technology. We were all very well-acquainted with it, as it is a staple of microbiology labs. We decided to bring it out of the lab, and into your hands.


With the onset of COVID19, we have striven to create easily accessible, potent, and practical designs to alleviate the fears of many: disease. 

We strive to bring awareness to the utility of UV-C irradiation. Our goal, ultimately, is to create a world with adequate access to information about the dangers of disease transmission and innovative ways to prevent it.


Our flagship VF Purity Kit was launched in late 2019, right on the cusp of the current COVID19 pandemic.

Our job is to ensure you and your family are safe and give you a sense of relief. So from our family to yours, thank you for choosing VectorFree products and entrusting us with keeping you safe.


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